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Diane Munoz, LMHC

Diane Munoz, LMHC
8280 College Pkwy, Ste 103
Fort Myers, FL, 33919
T: 813-704-0206
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Love your life. Love your relationships. Love yourself.


My name is Diane Munoz. I’m a licensed counselor practicing at SWFL Counseling in Fort Myers, FL. I mainly work with motivated young women who are feeling overwhelmed. Using solutions-focused counseling techniques, I help my clients challenge self-defeating thoughts and set healthy boundaries so they feel more in control of their lives at work, school, and at home. 


I graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Psychology. I got my MA in Mental Health Counseling from Florida Gulf Coast University. It's a tough call, but during basketball season, I cheer for the Gators!

I have experience working with many different kinds of clients in a number of settings. I've worked with adults and teens in maximum security facilities, families in homeless shelters, and a few more in between. I really enjoyed those experiences, but my passion is working with motivated teens and women dealing with anxiety, body image, and relationship issues.

I am also a board member of Into the Jordan Ministries, which is a survivor-led, nonprofit counseling center that helps women who have been sexually exploited. I'm constantly amazed by the bravery, strength, and compassion exhibited by the women in this ministry. We are currently developing a therapy workbook to help women restore their lives after leaving the sex industry.