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Introduction to Motorcycle Insurance

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No matter if you are a newbie or a veteran of riding the streets and highways on your two-wheeled thoroughbred, you will be needed to look into the myriad of options available for good motorcycle insurance coverage.


This type of insurance protection designed to financially safeguard riders from various losses that are the consequence of liability, injury or property damage. Just about all states mandate that motorcyclists purchase a minimum amount of liability coverage for their bike. Liability coverage is what compensates another individual for losses that the motorcycle rider has caused. For example, it will pay for the other individual’s medical expenses, car or bike repairs, property damage and more (if the rider is at fault for the accident). Keep mind that this kind of coverage will not compensate the insured for losses to his or her bike.

Kinds of coverage

Other types of coverage are available that can pay the insured for various costs. If one has a loan out for a motorcycle, the bank or credit union will mandate a more comprehensive policy. This higher level of coverage can compensate for the policyholder’s needed repairs or for a new bike. Some policy components include medical expense compensation and reimbursement for lost personal property. There is even coverage allowance for the compensation of injury-related costs that a passenger suffers.


Remember that the minimum coverage levels mandated by lenders and states will often not meet the needs of many potential policyholders. Many motorcyclists will opt to buy more coverage for their own protection. Policy quotes are easily attainable with different coverage amounts along with a few deductible amounts so as to obtain the most protection a budget can sustain. (Keep in mind that the higher the deductible, the lower the premium costs will be.) Keep in mind that your deductible should be affordable so that if the unexpected were to happen you have the resources to actually afford the deductible when a claim is filed. There are often numerous potential discounts and credits that the policyholder can exploit. For example, some insurers will provide discounts after the policyholder successfully completes a rider safety class or if he or she is free of accidents over a few years.


When you are ready to update or buy a new policy, be sure you are aware of the many coverage options and also know how the deductible and premiums play a part. Talk with an insurance agent to find out more so you can make the right decision about your potential policy.

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