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Introduction to Life Insurance

Good hurricane insurance protection is available for homeowners who are faced with the myriad of costs are inevitably encountered in the aftermath of a hurricane. Such coverage financially protects both permanent and what are deemed as mobile homes. Know that claims may only be filed once official weather agencies declare their recognition of a hurricane event.

Who needs this coverage?

Hurricane insurance is designed to enable financial security for families and individuals who own and live in homes that were erected in high-risk zones for hurricanes and the less powerful tropical storms. Numerous types of properties can be protected with coverage, such as single-family and multifamily homes, apartments, condos and more. In seeking and exploiting this insurance protection, one must obtain proof of ownership of the property that is to be under the policy.

How it works

Insurance companies that offer this kind of coverage periodically instigate studies of the weather patterns in the various regions that are normally covered. Homes that sit on the coast are considered at high risk for hurricane activity. Should storm of this magnitude hit an area, those who are covered can file a claim for damage to property and other related costs. Remember, though, the insurance provider will need to first confirm that a hurricane has indeed struck the property by confirming the stats from the national weather services. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is the measure that is most often looked to in determining the relative intensity of the hurricane and the ensuing damage that can result to covered properties.

Types of Coverage

Insurance for hurricanes can pay out for any rebuilding, repair or full replacement of structures, such as garages, sheds, mother-in-law cottages, cabanas, gazebos and other such structures in addition to the main home, if affected by these severe weather events. The interior of a damaged structure can also be renovated with the funds from this insurance coverage. After a hurricane has struck, driveways and landscaping will often require refurbishment as well. Having this insurance coverage can mean that a policyholder may obtain the needed money to enact the re-working of the insured’s exterior property areas as well.

The Benefits

This coverage enables all kinds of financial benefits for those who reside in coastal areas. Those who live under the threat of hurricane destruction can purchase this insurance coverage and receive the invaluable peace of mind in knowing there is a sense of financial protection.


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