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Introduction to Flood Insurance

Water is a powerful force of destruction, whether moving or simply standing still, and this is also a powerful incentive to seek the risk protection inherent in good flood insurance coverage. Floods can destroy absolutely anything in its path, and certainly your home is a prime candidate. If you own property, you can purchase an insurance policy that protects you from the many scenarios of destructive water damage from minor standing water in your basement and beyond, all the way to the complete and utter devastation of your home from a severe flooding event. It goes without saying that homes located on the coast will tend to be in higher risk for flooding.  A solid insurance plan is indeed necessary for many who live in such vulnerable zones.

Who needs it?

Anyone who owns a home near any body of water, be it a stream that can overflow due to a storm or the inundation of ocean water, can do well in purchasing proper flood insurance coverage.  Flooding from hurricanes is often the biggest concern, especially in low lying locations such as Louisiana or Florida. Any owner of a home near the ocean or Gulf should seriously consider the additional protection that flood insurance provides. Whether it is flooding that occurs as a consequence of a hurricane or the flooding that can happen in areas where rapidly melting snow results in flash flooding, this type of insurance is exactly what many will benefit in having.

How it works

When a flood strikes due to certain covered natural disasters or as a result of human-caused accidents, a homeowner should file a claim quickly. This is the best way to get the process started so as to receive help in doing all the necessary repairs to any water-damaged property, structural and personal. The basement level of a house can also have the secondary effect of becoming riddled with mold and mildew and then there the hidden structural issues that also happen after a flooding event. This type of an insurance protection helps to pay for such invaluable services as the removal of flood water, the clean-up and then the appropriate restoration and rebuilding of damaged structures in a timely fashion. Another big plus is the coverage of living costs, such as lodging, should a homeowner be forced out due to flooding damage.

Kinds of coverage

It's important to keep in mind that home flooding can occur from something relatively minor, like the overflowing of a bathtub to something of greater magnitude, like a severe weather event. For all these contingencies, the answer is often good flood insurance.  A single policy can cover a wide variety of possible perils in which your property can be partially or fully destroyed by flooding.

Big Benefits

Insurance coverage for flooding saves the policyholder potentially giant out-of-pocket costs on remodeling and rebuilding necessities. Homeowners who are protected by flood insurance can enjoy the peace of mind that comes I knowing that their property and belongings are all protected from the possibility of severe weather event caused flooding or accidents such as spills from a dam break. In other words, your financial future is protected.


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